At The Art of Wellness our goal is to improve the lives of high-functioning professionals affected by substance use.

We not only treat the impact addiction has on your emotional, physical and mental well-being;
but also the impact it has on your family and career.

We additionally offer treatment for teens, young adults, and adults with substance use and co-occurring conditions including depression, anxiety, trauma, eating disorders and more.

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Dr. Resignato believes that forming a trusting relationship with your doctor or therapist is an essential first step to healing. His compassionate demeanor and non-judgmental attitude will allow you and him to form a strong therapeutic bond. He will work within his expertise to guide treatment and relief so that you can feel and function at your best.

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Dr. Ocker focuses on individualized treatment planning that is tailored to your current goals - centered on growth, sustainability and promoting well-being. She approaches care with warmth and a genuine desire to hear your experience. Specializing in Psychiatry and Integrative Medicine, her technique encompasses medication management, psychotherapy, naturopathic treatments, and lifestyle changes to optimize mental health and wellness. She treats a range of concerns including depression/anxiety and other mood disorders, postpartum mental health changes, sleep difficulty, adjustments to new stressors, and challenges with focus and concentration.

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