Aaron Bloch, MD

Dr. Aaron Bloch’s priority is that his patients feel heard and cared for. He collaborates with individuals to build a shared understanding of their unique journey towards wellness and identify personalized tools for healing.

Dr. Bloch majored in Cognitive Science at U.C. Berkeley, convinced he would soon understand the nature of human consciousness and emotion. Instead, he graduated in awe of how much science has yet to uncover. After spending two years in Jerusalem examining ancient perspectives on these mysteries, he felt the need to shift from theory to practice. He completed medical school at Weill Cornell Medical College and went on to a psychiatric residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, where he is completing his fourth and final year.

Fascinated by the intricacies of human experience, Dr. Bloch strives to understand his patients’ cultural, spiritual, and childhood experiences to grant him a comprehensive view of their lives, embracing their depth and diversity. Drawing on his own psychospiritual background, he maintains humility in his mission to help patients toward recovery and personal growth.

Driven to provide swift relief, Dr. Bloch has delved into psychopharmacology, specializing in cases of treatment-resistant depression, geriatric psychiatry, and patients with heightened sensitivity to side effects. Combining this knowledge with cognitive, behavioral, and mindfulness-based psychotherapies, Dr. Bloch has made a significant impact in the lives of adults of all ages dealing with major depression, bipolar depression, social anxiety, generalized anxiety, OCD, ADHD, PTSD, addiction and psychosis.

Empowering others to lead their most meaningful life is Dr. Bloch’s greatest fulfillment.

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