Johanna Beck, MD

My style is warm, comfortable, compassionate, professional, and I strive for my patients to feel safe and empowered in our sessions. I believe in treating the whole person, both body and mind, taking into consideration how our genetics, upbringing, and culture impact who we are today (rather than just concentrating strictly on symptoms and medication dosing).

As an adult psychiatrist who has chosen to pursue further specialization in child and adolescent psychiatry, I provide medication management and psychotherapy to both children and adults of all ages.

I have expertise in women’s mental health, burn out, anxiety, OCD, mood disorders, ADHD, phobias, psychosis, PTSD, and addiction. As a former teacher, my goal is for my patients to both feel understood by me as well as to better understand their own conditions and the treatment we come up with together.

I deliver treatment plans that include lifestyle changes, self-exploration and, when needed, medications. I utilize several types of psychotherapy models to assist my patients in gaining a better understanding of who they are, how they came to be, and who they hope to be moving forward. As a physician therapist with extensive training in both psychotherapy and medication management, I am able to weave these therapeutic approaches into medication management sessions and vice versa.

I have a particular interest in treating children, young adults/transitional age youth, and parents. I believe that for our children to do well, we must first support those providing their care. In my practice, I hope to create a nurturing space that supports you through the unique issues that we face at the various stages of life – whether it be depression, anxiety, ADHD, work-life balance, parenting, or managing mood disorders in pregnancy and postpartum periods.

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