P. Joseph Resignato, MD

Dr. Resignato believes that forming a trusting relationship with your doctor or therapist is an essential first step to healing. His compassionate demeanor and non-judgmental attitude will allow you and him to form a strong therapeutic bond. He will work within his expertise to guide treatment and relief so that you can feel and function at your best. Dr. Resignato specializes in depression and anxiety disorders, drug and alcohol addiction, psychotic illnesses, insomnia, memory loss, and stress management. He utilizes psychotherapy and medication management while emphasizing a collaborative approach to treatment.

Dr. Resignato is double-board certified in Psychiatry and Addiction Medicine. He completed a 4 year B.A. at Cornell College where he majored in Elementary Education. After teaching for 2 years he pursued a master’s degree in Medical Sciences at Boston University followed by his medical degree at New York Medical College. After graduating from medical school he moved to Philadelphia to complete his Psychiatry residency training at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

At Jefferson he played a key role in developing and implementing addiction treatment-related guidelines and policy to improve the care of patients admitted to the hospital with substance use disorders. He has several academic and addiction-related publications and has been nationally recognized for his contributions to this area of medicine.

He currently works both in private practice and in the hospital treating veterans with mental health and addiction disorders. Academically, he supervises and assists in the training of medical students and doctors specializing in Psychiatry at both UPenn and Jefferson.

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